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Officiating and counseling
All life cycle events for Jews and the intermarried

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Providing services for the greater New York City Metro Area, 
including Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey and
Northern and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Rabbi Direct will provide the services of a fully accredited rabbi to officiate at the following Jewish Life Cycle moments... 
  • Baby Naming
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah 
  • Marriage 
  • Conversion 
  • Unveiling

Rabbi Direct can answer your questions about the details and proprieties of Jewish Life Cycle moments.

Rabbi Direct can provide counseling and/or training sessions leading to a Jewish Life Cycle ceremony.
For Jewish couples considering marriage, anticipating the birth of a child, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and confronting the death of a loved one.
For mixed couples considering marriage, anticipating the birth of a child, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah; becoming a Jew by choice (Conversion); and confronting the death of a loved one.


Rabbi Direct is dedicated to helping those who need assistance in matters of Jewish law, ritual, education and personal concerns.
A compassionate, caring, sensitive and responsive rabbinic consultation


Are you experiencing the dilemmas of Jewish 
life cycle events?

Do you have intermarriage questions?

Are you considering becoming a Jew by Choice?

If you are experiencing the dilemmas of Jewish life cycle events...
You are not alone! The moments surrounding life cycle events create many anxious feelings.
"I would welcome being able to consult professional coordinators about many of the details involved in Jewish life cycle moments."
The tensions produced can be lessened by careful coordination and planning. Proper ceremonies can be enjoyable.
"I need to consult with a rabbi regarding various religious and personal questions and problems associated with an upcoming event."
Many families undergo emotional stress as they face these moments. It is not at all unusual to seek competent advice and officiating.

If you have questions about intermarriage...
You are not alone! With competent counseling, one can begin to address the issues which are of common concern when considering inter- marriage.
Yes, most couples contemplating intermarriage require advice about: the effect of an intermarriage on children, parents, brothers, sisters and their families!  Can a child be reared successfully believing that he or she is member of two faiths? Can grandparents have a meaningful relationship with a grandchild if there is a difference in religious faith? Can a non-Jewish spouse be buried next to a Jewish spouse? 
"Why is so much being said against intermarriage?"
Throughout much of history religious factors have sadly divided human beings. Many have been persecuted because of overzealousness on the part of those who hate because of religious differences. Bigotry and misguided ethnic allegiances have hardened the lines of communication between religious groupings. Intermarriage is seen by many as a disassociation with family heritage.
"Can I talk openly with a rabbi about intermarriage?"
Rabbi Direct will answer your questions with candor and honesty.

Are you considering becoming a Jew by Choice?
Yes, any individual who desires to do so can inquire about becoming a member of the Jewish faith community.
"I thought that only those born into Judaism can be Jewish."
Yes, the majority of those who are Jewish are Jewish by virtue of having been born into Judaism. But that does not mean that others are precluded from choosing to be Jewish. For instance, a child through adoption and specific rites and rituals can be a member of the Jewish faith community. Adults can elect to be members of the Jewish faith community by the process of conversion.
"But if the Jewish people are the chosen people, how can others join them?"
The Biblical concept of being God’s chosen people does not exclude others from joining them in the covenant. 
The Hebrew Bible instructs us that those who are willing to accept the burden and responsibility of God’s truth can be called His people. The emphasis is on the willingness of those who accept God’s law, not on the exclusiveness of those chosen.

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All inquiries are strictly confidential.

Rabbi Direct stands ready to assist you


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